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By the grace of God, I am prominent nature lover keenly interested in all kinds of adventurous activities, who completed training in Rock climbing, Mountaineering, Rafting, Water & Ice Skiing, Para-sailing and Swimming. Since July 1990 I am an Honorary President & Founder of Parikrama Nature Adventure and Sports Institute, one of the leading & outstanding organizations in the state of Gujarat engaged in all kinds of adventurous activities, nature & anything related to nature, wildlife & its protection, forest & its conservation, environmental education & protection. In the name of adventure, many treks, hikes, rock climbing course as a trainee as well as an Instructor, few peak climbing expeditions as a member & leader, rafting in river Narmada, Bias, Ganga & Zanskar and some extra ordinary two wheeler expeditions were participated by me including three entries recorded in the Limca Book of Records. Excluding my various trekking of jungles, deserts, seashores & other ranges of mountains in India, my outstanding performance in trekking Himalayan ranges-more than 30000 kms., rafting in various rivers of India at least 400 kms, and bike riding for over 100000 kms, in various adventurous expeditions. I am very curio person watchful on the entire development of the world for many adventure sports in this modern era of adventure & eco tourism with my hobby bound research, analytical & observation skill that developed in me with my own ideas & experience since 34 years. By my experience of over three & half decades, I strongly believes that when you are tired, fully broken inside, everything is against us & there may not a single beam of hope in the all round darkness, have a back pack & invade the hills of the nearest mountain range, go deep inside the forest, enjoy doing nothing in the peaceful gelid shadow of a tree & try to concentrate on the melodious music of the nature that combines the rushing streams & singing birds. Some new thoughts from unexpected directions will clean up all burdens of your routine life & enlighten your mind with new dreams. Think of all those sweet memories of your past & everything will be automatically all right. In fact, this majestic & mysterious arrangement is made by the God Himself. In my book The Ultimate of Life, I have written down everything that I learnt deep inside of, close to, with & through nature while invading river, sea, jungles, mountains, deserts & sky. It is all about of God, universe, our own self & I am quite sure it is all about our happy living. Do read it at & be happy…………………………………………. MAHESH BHATT.

A book, all about Happy Living

Dear all,

We knows very well that all aspects of our life utterly depend on our relation with God, As such, since its inception, the entire mankind is found in practice to take  His shelter, especially for “Happy Living”.

By my life experiences, I found a very surprising truth that only to satisfy this purpose of life we believe in many names, forms, incarnations, manifestations, deities, prophets, messengers and gurus, otherwise, almost all of us very strongly agree and commit this universal truth that there is ONLY ONE GOD!

This book explains everything about life in very easy to understand way with scientific and philosophical overviews. I made an honest effort to include all thoughts, ideologies, concepts and religions of the world at one place.

I firmly believe that in this way, till date, it is the first ever book which enable you to compare your own way of living with all the others.

This book is available at: Life, Universe, Body, Mind, Soul, God & Religion insomuch that I am Understood!

Its Kindle addition on is also available at: EBook:- Life, Universe, Body, Mind, Soul, God & Religion insomuch that I am Understood!

Do read and be happy forever………

Mahesh Bhatt,

Honorary President,

Parikrama Nature Adventure and Sports Institute


a book that can change the youth…

Dear all,

All Guys and Gals of the world, especially of India, and very particularly of Gujarat, whether interested in Adventurous activities or not, should read this book because it covers all the information that a growing youngster must require…

If you are among the list of parents, intimates, relatives, neighbors, teachers and trainers of any children stepping-in in adolescence, do gift this book because it will prove to be definitely your most precious gift of his or her life…

Its a step ahead to youth development, a book that can change the youth…

This book is available at:

Happy Adventuring! Part-1

Its Kindle addition on is also available at: EBook Happy Adventuring! Part-1

Mahesh Bhatt,

Honorary President,

Parikrama Nature Adventure and Sports Institute