By the grace of God, I am prominent nature lover keenly interested in all kinds of adventurous activities, who completed training in Rock climbing, Mountaineering, Rafting, Water & Ice Skiing, Para-sailing and Swimming. Since July 1990 I am an Honorary President & Founder of Parikrama Nature Adventure and Sports Institute, one of the leading & outstanding organizations in the state of Gujarat engaged in all kinds of adventurous activities, nature & anything related to nature, wildlife & its protection, forest & its conservation, environmental education & protection.

In the name of adventure, many courses as a trainee as well as an Instructor, many treks, hikes, rock climbing courses & few peak climbing expeditions as a member & leader, rafting in river Narmada, Bias, Ganga & Zanskar and some extra ordinary two wheeler expeditions were participated by me including three entries recorded in the Limca Book of Records. Excluding my various trekking of jungles, deserts, seashores & other ranges of mountains in India, my outstanding performance in trekking Himalayan ranges-more than 30000 kms., rafting in various rivers of India at least 400 kms, and bike riding for over 100000 kms, in various adventurous expeditions. I am very curio person watchful on the entire development of the world for many adventure sports in this modern era of adventure & eco tourism with my hobby bound research, analytical & observation skill that developed in me with my own ideas & experience.

I use to read since little literacy light upon inside of me. With every new topic that I intone, in addition to be updated by collecting new & deleting old memories, to rethink, relate, reevaluate & interconnect everything inside of my brain become a prime function of my mind, with which, I use to rediscover all my thoughts & ideas especially when I am alone. I am also in practice to note down it under the heading of my own inspiration.

My book “The Ultimate of Life” is a rediscovery of my thoughts & ideas previously written under different headings those are “Why I Am Not Happy”, “Gods of Other Religions”, “Mysteries of Universe”, “Understanding Religion”, “Peeping Inside”, “Persons & Outcome of Their Relationship” and “How to Prey to be Blessed” duly included by gist & essence notes from the scriptures of all religions.

By my experience of over three & half decades, I strongly believes that when you are tired, fully broken inside, everything is against us & there may not a single beam of hope in the all round darkness, have a back pack & invade the hills of the nearest mountain range, go deep inside the forest, enjoy doing nothing in the peaceful gelid shadow of a tree & try to concentrate on the melodious music of the nature that combines the rushing streams & singing birds. Some new thoughts from unexpected directions will clean up all burdens of your routine life & enlighten your mind with new dreams. Think of all those sweet memories of your past & everything will be automatically all right. In fact, this majestic & mysterious arrangement is made by the God Himself.

In this book, I have written down everything that I learn deep inside of, close to, with & through nature while invading river, sea, jungles, mountains, deserts & sky. It is all about of God, universe, our own self & I am quite sure it is all about our happy living.

Dear Friends, Click here https://www.createspace.com/4312406 and be happy…………………………….



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