Self-confidence Vs Ego

There is a line dividing confidence and ego.

Most of the time we get confused and fall to decidewhether we are on the right track or our ego is dominating in the appearance of confidence.

When ego dominates, every success turns into failure.

One has to be very careful about it.
How to distinguish between confidence and the ego?

Here are some points to clarify this doubt.

a) A man of confidence says that he can do the
work and others also can do it,whereas a man of
ego says that he alone can do it and nobody else

b) A man of confidence always tries to encourage
and help others in building their confidence,
whereas a man of ego tries to curb and discourage
others when they try to come up in life.

c) A man of confidence always attracts people.
Even the weak feel confident and elevated in his
presence and get inspiration in his company.
Whereas an egoistic person creates repulsion in the
minds of people who try to avoid him because of
his boastful nature.

d) A man of confidence appreciates the success
of others and shares his happiness with others.
Whereas a man of ego discourages and humiliates
others and feels jealous of the success of others.

e) There is joy in working with people of confidence because they are always cheerful and can mix freely with everybody.

In the presence of egoistic people even the men of confidence feel an inferiority complex. They feel nervous to work with them.

f) A man of confidence always commands love and respect, whereas a man of ego always demands and expects love and respect.

g) Confident people are always successful in every field of life because they can conquer the hearts of all by putting their faith and confidence in others and receive all help and cooperation from colleagues and friends.

A man of ego always suffers setbacks and failures losing men and power because of his arrogant approach which adds only to his worries and tension.

h) In one word, a man of Self- confidence puts his faith in the innermost Divine Self, the source of all power and energy, and also feels the presence of the Divine in everyone while dealing with them, whereas the egocentric person puts his faith only in his mental and intellectual abilities and skills, forgetting the Divine which operates through mind and intellect our of his ignorance. He applies the same standards white dealing with others. He is only aware of weaknesses and drawbacks of others and never realizes that the perfect Divine is hidden behind these superficial appearances, and that can be awakened by constant training and positive approach.

Mahesh Bhatt


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